Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hive move and queen check

I accidentally put the inner cover on backwards, so the hole in it was facing the wrong way. The bees were entering through the front entrance and also through this hole in the back of the hive, but they heavily preferred the hole for some reason. They were pretty confused and still trying to get in through the back when I turned the cover around. And to disorient them further, we moved the hive to it's permanent place. The day of the installation I was too lazy to move it, then the next day there was a big storm. Finally on the third day we moved it (be sure to seal up the hive good with duct tape when relocating so angry bees can't come out and sting), leaving a cloud of bewildered bees in the old spot. They were there for at least four days and gradually started disappearing. I read that lost bees will just go to the closest hive. It was probably mine though, because we only moved it about 50 paces away. 

It's recommended to check and make sure the queen has been released from her cage a few days after hiving a package. Four days afterward, I got the cage out and saw the queen still milling around in there, and now a couple of bees were in there with her. They had eaten away a huge hole in the candy, but still not big enough for the queen. You're supposed to poke a hole in there if the bees are slow to eat it away, but I figured they just needed a little more time so I put the cage right back where it was.

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